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At Performance Lighting, we make it a habit to ask for feedback from our clients, post-event, so that we can always improve. Here are some of the email responses.


“YOU totally rock, the outside looked amazing! Thank you so much!” Lori Manby, Meetinghouse Companies, Inc.


“Nike was very happy with it. It was a pleasure to have you guys on board. It made my life much easier- especially given my travel issues on Thursday.” R. Allen Ross, Parallel Production Services, Toronto


“The Novartis booth won the Best of Show award!!! Couldn’t have done it without you all at Performance Lighting.” George Furman, Director of Sales, Design Agency, Inc.


“I want to formally thank you for doing such a great job Saturday night at the N’Digo gala. I know you guys dealt with a lot and went well beyond the budget limitations I had to make this work. It will not be forgotten. Thank you.” Mike Piper, Jam Productions Corporate Events Division


“It was incredible!! The lighting you provided for us was everything we had hoped for. It completely transformed our stage! Our Pastor LOVED it! The congregation LOVED it. And you, Russell . . . wow. . . thank you for seeing our vision on this and being so interested in it and for doing all you did for us.” Lisa Thiel, LifeChangers International Church


“Thanks for the gear at UIC, it worked out very well.” David Zeffren, Frank Gatto & Associates Television Lighting and Consultants


“The guys did a fantastic job getting things up and working. The Showguns looked great and work flawlessly. The show was a big success. 20,000 people and Stig was very pleased with it all.” Greg Hamm, LD, West Barnstable, MA


“It was fabulous.” Juan B. Kirkman, Entertainment and Special Events Sales Manager, Hotel Sax


“Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your great help, wish there were more companies out there with your great professionalism. Performance was great, very professional and got the rig up quick. You have spoiled us and you will be missed, the last 5 dates of our tour I will be stressed out with bad vendors and bad crew. Hope to see you guys soon . . . “ Hig Higinbotham, LD for Kenny G


“Thanks so much for everything at the Jingle Jam show! As always, Performance Lighting was excellent to me!!” Sooner Routhier, LD for Rihanna


“Went great thanks for the help did a great job all were happy.” Dennis Bentley, Paramount Arts Center


“Great job last night, the special effects were incredible. I was mingling through the back and everyone was mesmerized by the lights and how symbolic they were for the Chicago Police Memorial event. They were exactly what I envisioned. Thank you for all of your hard work as it was truly spectacular.” Michael Murphy, Coldwell Banker


“Thanks for all your help on Cyndi. Nate and Kate did a great job. The crew was very happy.” Nick Kusiak, Clear Channel Productions


“Thank you very much for all your help on this latest gig. Matt, Scott and Joe were all awesome in their support, and the gear was excellent as always.” Chris Tousey, Production Manager, Chicago


“Thanks for everything. I have had great reports from the guys in Baltimore about the show. Everyone was happy.” Mike Cianciola Production Services, Milwaukee, WI


“I wanted to take a minute and thank you once again. Kate and Frank were awesome and had the system up and running in no time. This allowed for the entire afternoon to program the show. Please thank your entire staff for helping put this show together. It “wowed” the band. Thanks again.” Chris Stinebrink, LD, Lake Geneva, WI


“Thanks again. I was super impressed with the Showgun units. All I had to do was turn them on to get a reaction from the crowd! They are certainly unlike anything that’s been seen before." Brooke Kimple, LD


“Thank you so much for such hard work. You were a pleasure! Show was great and your efforts much appreciated. Thanks again. Look forward to the next time!” Cindy Patrasso, Production Manager, Chicago


“Thanks for all you and your guy’s hard work. I was very impressed. Do you have any good photos of the show? I would love some.” Sean Hackett, LD, Brisbane, Australia


“I wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for contributing to the HUGE success of the show down in Bradley. Our client could not have been happier with the event due to the expertise of the entire staff of Performance Lighting. From your evaluation of the site and its needs, to the tireless work and GREAT attitude of your onsite staff, I commend all involved. This was by no means an easy event to accomplish. There were many changes that needed to be dealt with onsite, but due to your staff’s willingness to get things done, and their professional work ethic and creativity, the job always got done. Please pass along my complete gratitude to your staff. Thanks again and as always, I’ll be looking forward to working with yourself and your staff.” Mike Piper, Jam Productions Corporate Events Division


“I thought you should know what a wonderful job you guys did, top to bottom. From the first call to closing the truck doors, I don’t remember a show so looked after. I believe the most impressive thing was the “we care” attitude from all involved. I look forward to our next show together.” Bob Peterson, RW Peterson Lighting


“Monica states gear and peeps perfect, once again.” Bob Peterson, RW Peterson Lighting


“We were at Hinsdale Friday night and your company did the lighting for the recital. Just thought you’d like to know, not only I thought it was a great show, but others commented as well.” Joyce Gomolinski, Homemaker


“Gear on time, on budget, perfect condition. Crew knowledgeable and worked well with the team. It’ll be my pleasure in the future to work with everyone at Performance Lighting.” David Davidian, LD, Houston


“Thanks for everything!! The rig looks great… The crew as good as you always send me… We have some festivals and tours going out next year. Once we get this done we’ll talk.” Ron Hausfeld, Production Manager, Rocky Face, GA



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